Call for unified response to record CO2 levels

Professor Brendan Mackey
With atmospheric CO2 topping a record 400 ppm, it’s time to end climate change political wars and for all parties to support a National Unity Platform for Climate Change Action, said Professor Brendan Mackey, Director of the Griffith Climate Change Response program.

New eco era needs new approach to law

Smog in forefront, tower in background
Environmental Futures Research Institute
How the world prepares for and manages a new ecological era will be the focus of South African Professor of Law, Dr Louis J Kotze, when he delivers an open lecture at Griffith University on Wednesday (April 3). An expert in environmental constitutionalism, human rights and the environment, and global environmental governance, Dr Kotze will […]

In the wake of Doha

Professor Brendan Mackey, Griffith Climate Change Response Program
Griffith Sciences
In the wake of Doha, many political commentators, including major newspaper editorials, are now calling for the U.N. talks to be abandoned and for the big polluting countries to work out some kind of deal among themselves...