Is rugby league too dangerous?

Griffith Health
After Newcastle forward Alex McKinnon’s neck was broken in a lifting tackle in March, some commentators and parents have questioned whether rugby is just too dangerous to safely play. Griffith Health Institute's Professor Peter Milburn looks at the issue.

The place of gender in contemporary workplaces in New Zealand and Australia

Centre for Work Organisation and Wellbeing
The scarcity of women at senior levels in Auckland-based law firms, working part time in the Australian university sector, and the attitude of men towards equity in the transport and logistics sector were a few of the topics addressed during the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing’s bi-annual gender and workplace relations symposium on 22 […]

Griffith Architecture hosts national debates

Griffith University will host three of the most high-powered architecture industry conferences over the next year at its Gold Coast campus. Leading up to the start of the new Master of Architecture program in 2013, the Department of Architecture will be the centre of national and international debate with the: 46th annual Architectural Science Association […]

Exploring musical meetings in the Asia-Pacific

News articles
The interaction between Australia and the rich cultural heritage of the Asia-Pacific region will be explored by Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University researchers and visitors in Encounters II: Musical meetings in the Asia-Pacific from November 22-25. Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre (QCRC) Director Huib Schippers said the event traced the lines of influence through musicians and composers […]

Wrong side of the digital divide

Griffith Business School
As the western world moves into an information age experts from around the world are getting together to develop strategies to ensure developing countries don’t get left behind. Experts will gather at the 5th World Association for Sustainable Development Conference (WASD), jointly hosted by the Griffith Asia Institute and the Griffith Business School (GBS), in […]