Institute for Glycomics and Sienna Diagnostics to develop novel cancer diagnostic

Institute for Glycomics
Researchers from the Institute for Glycomics and the University of Adelaide, have entered into an exclusive licensing deal with Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd to commercialise a novel cancer diagnostic tool. Together, the teams of researchers have engineered a unique protein, called SubB2M, that binds specifically to a sugar molecule only present in cancer cells – a potential […]

Institute for Glycomics researchers tackle COVID-19

Four teams of expert scientists from Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics are targeting the virus SARS-CoV-2 to discover new vaccines and drugs to prevent or cure COVID-19. The teams are led by the Institute’s group leaders Professor Mark von Itzstein AO, Professor Michael Good AO, Professor Michael Jennings, and Professor Johnson Mak, all world-renowned research […]

Corn in fight against rare disease

Genetically engineered corn may hold the key to making the treatment of a life-threatening disease affordable. An international research team led by scientists at Simon Fraser University and Griffith’s University’s Institute for Glycomics have inserted a section of DNA code into maize seed to produce alpha-L-iduronidase in the corn kernel. Alpha-L-iduronidase breaks down sugar molecules […]