Early detection test for ovarian cancer closer with funding boost

Research into the development of an early detection test for ovarian cancer at Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics has been given a $300,000 funding boost from The Bourne Foundation and a further significant funding pledge from Tour de Cure. “Despite decades of research, there is currently no easily accessible, non-invasive and reliable early detection test […]

Study shows toxin family binds to sugar receptors on human cells to cause damage

The structure of the CDC, suilysin, binding to a glycan receptor. This whole toxin is shown in the top left side. Domain 4 of the toxin (grey) is shown in complex with one of the glycans recognized by suilysin bottom right side.
Griffith Enterprise
New Griffith University research has found that sugars decorating human cells allow toxins, produced by disease-causing bacteria, to bind to human cells and cause damage or death. The family of toxins known as cholesterol-dependent cytolysins (CDCs), are produced by bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, group A Streptococcus and Listeria monocytogenes, which cause pneumonia, invasive group […]