Human evolutionary success due to our ability to adapt to different environments

Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security
Griffith researchers contributed to a new isotopic study of fossil teeth that shows the first direct evidence that human success over Neanderthals and other hominins is due to our ability to adapt to changing environments as we island-hopped across the globe. In a new article published in Nature Communications Associate Professor Julien Louys from the […]

Giant Australian marsupials were like no other

Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution
A giant prehistoric Ice Age marsupial related to wombats and koalas has been discovered to be the only marsupial known to have ever followed annual seasonal migration. Likening it to “Australia’s Ice Age Serengeti”, researchers tracked the now extinct megafauna diprotodon – a three-tonne beast up to 1.8m tall and 3.5mlong – using fossils and […]