Griffith researchers a step closer to eco-friendly hydrogen fuel production

Centre for Catalysis and Clean Energy
Griffith University researchers are aiming to unlock a catalytic process that will enhance the breakdown of water, into hydrogen and oxygen and bring Australia a step closer to creating clean efficient hydrogen fuel. Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy (2019) aims to establish Australia’s hydrogen industry as a major global player by 2030. In new research published […]

Smart windows for a more energy efficient future

Architecture, construction and planning
A Griffith University researcher will lead a $1 million research project into a new kind of low-cost, energy-saving ‘smart window’. ProfessorHuijun Zhao, director of Griffith’s Centre for Clean Environment and Energy, has been awarded $513,210 from the Australian Governmentthrough the Australian Research Council’sLinkage Projectsscheme to develop the window that contains a glassthat is able to […]