New wave of engineering students look to Griffith

The effect of a government push to boost numbers of females graduating with STEM-related degrees is evident at Griffith's School of Engineering.
Griffith Sciences
For soon-to-be Griffith engineering student, Kiarna Broomhead, the decision was easy. On receiving an early offer to study at Griffith School of Engineering, the 17-year-old instantly called her dad who reminded her it was exactly the result for which she had hoped. She accepted in an instant and immediately breathed a sigh of relief and […]

Cold is the best way to catch crabs

Engineering, IT and aviation
Fishermen have been thrown a line with new Griffith University research that has found they can catch more spanner crab in cooler waters. Previous studies thought catch rates were connected to warmer temperatures or had no relationship at all. PhD researcher David Spencer found that upwelling events that cause the water to become cooler could […]

Innovative energy partnership putting waste to good use

Griffith Enterprise
Food waste and garden clippings could be turned into clean energy, instead of adding to the 20 million tonnes of organic waste that end up in landfill in Australia each year, thanks to a collaboration between Utilitas and Griffith University. Utilitas Pty Ltd – a Queensland-based biogas energy developer – has partnered with the university […]