Sip while you slip into the world of science

Architecture, construction and planning
Some of Griffith University’s biggest names in science will trade the lab for the pub when fun and informative evening sessions kick off at pubs around the country in May. From May 14-16, the Pint Of Science festival will give Gold Coasters the opportunity to sit at the cutting edge of science with a beer […]

Giant Australian marsupials were like no other

Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution
A giant prehistoric Ice Age marsupial related to wombats and koalas has been discovered to be the only marsupial known to have ever followed annual seasonal migration. Likening it to “Australia’s Ice Age Serengeti”, researchers tracked the now extinct megafauna diprotodon – a three-tonne beast up to 1.8m tall and 3.5mlong – using fossils and […]