Researchers investigate sustainable and social economic development in Bangladesh

Business and government
Two books have been launched at Griffith University, Australia on 14 October 2021. Editors of the volumes include: Dr Moazzem Hossain, former Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (SMR) Professorial Fellow of the University of Hull, UK and an Adjunct AP of Griffith University, Australia; Dr QK Ahmad, Chairman, Dhaka School of Economics, Dhaka University, Bangladesh; and Dr […]

Top economist addresses G20 Business Leaders’ Forum

Saul Eslake, in suit and tie, standing in relaxed fashion behind a lectern.
Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
Productivity is a key global issue that the G20 Summit leaders need to address when they converge on Brisbane in November, according to a prominent Australian economist. If the Summit does tackle the slowing global economy, then the ‘Brisbane G20′ may well be known for making a significant contribution to the world, Saul Eslake said […]

Hockey G20 growth plan not the right fit

Griffith University Professor of Economics, Fabrizio Carmignani.
Centre for Governance and Public Policy
The Federal Treasurer’s plan to establish targets for economic growth at this weekend’s meeting of finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 nations is not without its merits. However a one-size-fits-all approach ignores key complex factors. This is the view of Griffith University professor of economics, Fabrizio Carmignani, who argues that quality […]