GRIDD receives funding to develop drugs to treat schizophrenia

Professor Alan Mackay-Sim
Griffith Health
Paving the way for personalised medicine, Griffith University researchers will use stem cells from nasal biopsies of people with schizophrenia to discover potential new therapies for this debilitating disease. Schizophrenia is a life-long condition first diagnosed in early adulthood, costing the Australian government about $1.44 billion and the general community $2.25 billion annually. The few […]

Lab on a chip: The future for drug discovery

Engineering, IT and aviation
A leading micro and nano technologist has revealed a new way to drug screen, saving the health system money and time. With the lab-to-market timeframe of a new drug being up to 20 years, Dr Say Hwa Tan of Griffith University’s Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre hopes his new technology and methods will slash that […]

Featherstar and sea-lily chemistry making a splash

Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD)
You’ve probably seen one if you’ve snorkelled a reef but little do people know that the beautiful feather star and sea-lily could one day be the source of new medicines. Griffith University scientists Dr Yunjiang Feng, Dr Shahan Khokhar and Associate Professor Rohan Davis have undertaken an in-depth study of the chemical makeup of feather […]

Leading scientist to head Griffith’s Eskitis Institute

The new Director for the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, Professor Jennifer Martin
Griffith University has attracted a scientist with expertise in antibacterial discovery and insulin signalling to head its world-renowned Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery. New Director, Professor Jennifer Martin, with a 20 year career in research, is an ARC Laureate Fellow and Queensland Smart Women Smart State Award Winner. She says she is very proud to […]