Beating cyber criminals with quantum solutions

Head shot of Professor Geoff Pryde
Centre for Quantum Dynamics
byGeoff Pryde, Griffith University As hackers get more sophisticated in their cyber crime efforts, we need to look to new technology to make our systems more secure, and potentially unhackable. For some types of hacking, we already know the ultimate answer: quantum physics provides a way to share information with absolute security, guaranteed by the […]

Loneliest superpower

Griffith Asia Institute
Griffith Asia Institute Director, Professor Andrew O’Neil, was today quoted inan article by Rowan Callickfor The Australian. The article discusses the ‘hot spot’ political issues currently plaguing China, including yesterday’s revelation thatthat five officersof Shanghai-based Unit 61398 ofthe People’s Liberation Army – have been chargedwith economic hacking by the USJustice Department. You can read the […]