Global meta-analysis identifies comorbid conditions linked to COVID-19 mortality

Cancer, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension are the four main comorbidities leading to death from COVID-19, a Griffith University meta-analysis published in mBio has found. The researchers analysed global databases MEDLINE, Scopus, Web of Science and EMBASE of 375,859 participants from 14 countries and found chronic kidney disease was statistically the most prominent comorbidity […]

Griffith University well-being survey: Preparing for an intergenerational practice pilot in Western Australia during COVID-19

Business and government
In order to better understand and respond to the needs of older Australians living independently, Griffith University researchers partnered with Western Australian not-for-profit community organisations to conduct a Wellness survey. The Griffith Well-being Survey, part of the Western Australia Intergenerational Practice Pilot, explores the level of well-being experienced by older people living independently, especially in […]

Employment for older workers on the agenda at APEC

Arts Education Law
Older workers may be hit hardest by the financial impact of the COVID pandemic, according to a Griffith University adult education expert. Professor Stephen Billett presented at an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum about the re-employment of older workers. His APEC presentation was based on extensive research across Australia and Singapore. “Many of the […]