Using satellite imagery to build climate resilience for seaweed farmers in Indonesia

Griffith Asia Institute
Griffith Agribusiness’ most recent recruit, Dr Zannie Langford, is set to take the lead on a new project, exploring climate change resilience strategies for seaweed farmers in Indonesia. Seaweed farming is Indonesia’s largest marine aquacultural industry, but the variability of ocean conditions and the impact of rainfall on seaweed production mean that it is already […]

How climate and water management affect streamflow seasonality

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
New Griffith-led research has found that climate and river management have impacted both the amount of water and when it arrives. Published in Ecological Indicators, researchers from Griffith University and the University of Queensland investigated the change in the occurrence of streamflow due to climate change (through a change in rainfall) and river operations (flow […]

Environmental Politics under Authoritarian Rule: activism, policy and governance

Workshop attendees in a group photo
Centre for Governance and Public Policy
Dr Ellie Martus, Centre for Governance and Public Policy Griffith University, and Associate Professor Fengshi Wu, University of New South Wales, co-convened an international conference this month titled “Environmental Politics under Authoritarian Rule: activism, policy, and governance”. The conference was funded by a grant from the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) with additional funding provided […]