Symposium on South/South Migration

Griffith Asia Institute
The ‘International Symposium on South/South Migration: Opportunities, Risks and Policy Imperatives’ was hosted at the University of Queensland on 15 April – a joint initiative between the School of Social Science, University of Queensland, and the Griffith Asia Institute. South/South migration is a relatively new phenomenon. Historically, the flow of migration between Global North (developed) […]

Combating gender violence in Bangladesh

Griffith International
Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Women’s and Children’s Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Asma Jahan, spent three months in Australia gathering data on domestic violence (DV) laws, policies and practices around Australia towards assisting the Government of Bangladesh combat gender violence. Dr Jahan was offered a Department of Foreign Affairs and […]

Climate Change Resilience Project in Bangladesh

Centre for Environment and Population Health
Imagine walking 7 km every day to collect 15L of safe water for your family.  Imagine that you might need to tie up your small children so that they don’t drown in the ponds that surround your village while you are away collecting the water. This type of dilemma is faced by thousands of women […]

Students from four countries graduate as one for the benefit of world health

News articles
Griffith University celebrates its fourth graduation for AusAID funded Public Health leadership fellows, and its first Asian Development Bank sponsored Vietnamese students, in their completion of the Master of Science in Public Health (International), on 28 June 2010, at the Southbank campus. The graduates completed a dissertation or a small scale public health project addressing […]