How humans won the race – evolutionary evidence at World Science Festival

Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution
If the human race had run differently, modern man might have descended from Neanderthals, or some other species of ancient hominin. Instead, Homo sapiens won world domination, and researchers from Griffith University’s Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution (ARCHE) are at the forefront of re-tracing that ancient ‘race’ to ultimate victory. Griffith University’s signature event […]

Plenty to chew over at World Science Festival – the amazing tales teeth tell

Image credit: Larry Engel (PBS)
Griffith Sciences
When Griffith Associate Professor Tanya Smith entertains the World Science Festival Brisbane audience with the many tales teeth tell, they’ll be pondering much more than what they’ve just eaten at the Brainfood Breakfast event (22 March). The Biological Anthropologist turns back time to reveal the secrets of ancient teeth and the stories they tell of human […]