Biological threats to be detected by Griffith

Engineering, IT and aviation
Griffith University researchers have developed a system that can quicklydetect airborne biological threats. Professor Igor Agranovski, of the School of Engineering, has developed a system that collects aerosolised micro-organisms and finds the threats, such as fungi spores, viruses and bacteria. Such a system could be crucial to soldiers in the field or post-event investigations. The […]

Defence holding steady

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
  While the 2017 Defence budget confirms a commitment to large-scale projects currently in play, an emphasis on job creation in the Defence arena also moves to reaffirm the government’s ‘Australia first’ agenda. By Professor Andrew O’Neil, Griffith Business School Overview By far the most complicated dimension of defence budgets is aligning the timing of […]

Social marketing research centre launched

Griffith academic Sharyn Rundle-Thiele sits behind her office desk.
Department of Marketing
Griffith Business School launched Queensland’s first research centre for social marketing on Friday night. It is only the second social marketing centre in Australia. Social Marketing @ Griffith is the first social marketing research centre to extend its focus beyond health, to include a broad range of areas needing change. Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Michael […]