University of Manitoba delegation visit

Ms Rhonda Friesen and Ms Heidi Piper exchanging gifts
Griffith Business School
On the morning of 14 October, 2015, Ms Rhonda Friesen, Manager, International Office, University of Manitoba, visited Griffith University to meet with a range of staff including the International Office, Griffith Business School and Griffith Global Mobility. Ms Heidi Piper, Director, Griffith International and Associate Professor Peter Woods, Director (International) in the Griffith Business School […]

Collaboration with the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
The President and Rector, Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City (BUH) and delegation, made a recent visit to Griffith University to attend the opening session of an Australian Awards Fellowship (AAF) program which was organised by Griffith’s International Business Development Unit (IBDU) for BUH and the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) delegates. The delegation […]