2020 Global Internships: Adapting to the new world of work

Global Internships
Griffith Asia Institute
The Griffith Asia Business Internship (GABI) re-imagines ‘Asian Studies’ for the contemporary business context. The transformational work integrated learning (WIL) initiative places students in one of six Asian business destinations, including Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, and is led by the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI). The aim of the program is […]

Alumnus returns from Asia with the full Story

Greg Story and Monique Jeremiah each holding an award and framed certificate at Griffith Business School gala night.
Department of Business Strategy and Innovation
When fervent discussion of Australia in the Asian Century roused the nation gently from a regional slumber, the country began to wake up not only to the possibilities but to the probabilities of engagement with Asia. Greg Story was ahead of the game, 34 years ahead of the game, in fact. A Brisbane native, Greg […]