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3 December 2013

Australia in dangerous waters as it sides with allies of old

Professor Andrew O’Neil comments in this story by Rowan Callick in The Australian on 30 November 2013. Read the article...

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24 June 2024
Queen of One Tree island

Women and the Reef: An Australian Story

Australia’s stories live on the Great Barrier Reef.  From the timeless relations of First Nations people, legacies and travesties of...

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31 October 2022
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9 August 2022

Meeting of the waters: Aligning the traditional knowledge and science

Griffith University researchers partnered with Traditional Custodians to tell the story of how science interweaves with the Traditional Knowledge of the Mitchell River

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12 January 2022
NZ Dairy

Troubled waters in New Zealand

Recent media attention has exposed some of the issues that face New Zealand’s dairy industry and the impact it is having on the nation’s highly prized waterways.

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9 June 2021
Gum trees burnt

Why Australia must rethink burning forests to save them

The bushfires of the summer of 2019-2020 which covered more than 10 million hectares, were exacerbated by human intervention. In this climate emergency, business as usual is not an option, and hazard reduction burning and backburning must be re-evaluated.

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17 October 2019
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13 April 2017

After back-to-back bleaching, Cyclone Debbie sludge hits Reef waters

Ex-Cyclone Debbie dumped rain in an erosion hot spot in the Burdekin catchment estimated to generate nearly a third of all the sediment that flows to the Great Barrier Reef.

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11 November 2016

Wave power key to Australia’s renewable energy plans

A Griffith University study has found that wave power along the southeast coast of Australia is a viable source of renewable energy.

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7 October 2015

Universities: Australia’s innovation advantage

Universities have the capacity to change the nation as well as individuals, says Professor Barney Glover, chair of Universities Australia, in an address to the National Press Club.

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