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20 February 2024
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5 November 2019
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26 July 2019
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10 January 2014

Tracking the deep sea paths of tiger sharks

Dr Jonathan Werry has completed a four year study tracking the migratory patterns of tiger sharks across the Coral Sea.

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10 July 2024

Whale remains tracked to highlight disposal benefits 

Study highlights sustainable, cultural and ecosystem benefits for offshore removal or decomposition. 

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28 September 2023
Traditional stilt fishing in Sri Lanka

The impact of overfishing on our oceans

Over 80% of global fish stocks are fully exploited, with sharks and tuna declining by 90%. Over 300,000 whales and dolphins are accidentally caught annually due to overfishing. This crisis extends worldwide, especially impacting coastal fisheries. Research on Sri Lanka reveals overfishing exceeding sustainable levels but there is hope says GBS PhD candidate Krish Gnanapragasam.

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7 April 2021
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4 December 2020

4000 chemicals found in Great Barrier Reef turtles raises concerns of contamination hotspot

Toxic chemicals are accumulating in Great Barrier Reef turtles and fish species popular with consumers, according to a new report by Griffith University and the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia.

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21 August 2020

Gold Coast Bay Hope Spot embraces the harmony between city and sea

Gold Coast Bay is this week being declareda Mission Blue Hope Spot becoming part of a worldwide network thatraisespublic awarenessofmarine protected areas.

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9 June 2020

From adventurous journalist to entrepreneur and wellbeing expert

Completing a journalism degree at Griffith's Gold Coast campus was the start of Scott Bidmead's wild love affair with reporting and creating businesses that have taken him around the world.

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