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28 March 2013

After Fukushima: The future of nuclear power in Asia

Before the nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant on March 11, 2011, just two years ago yesterday,...

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7 February 2013

Japan can’t afford to leave nuclear power switched off

“Recent data shows Japan posted a record high trade deficit of Â¥6.93tn (A$73.16bn) in 2012. Japan is struggling with rising...

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12 December 2022
Mast Tomohawk

How far has nuclear fusion power come? We could be at a turning point for the technology

How far has nuclear fusion power come? A fusion of public and private investment appears to herald a new push towards developing the ultimate clean, limitless energy source.

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4 July 2016
Paul Andoniadis

Fukushima Power Plant meltdown inspires career change

The 2011 Japanese tsunami and subsequent Fukushima Power Plant meltdown destroyed many lives but for one Gold Coast man it was a turning point in his career.

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18 September 2014

New book released: Middle Powers and the Rise of China

Griffith Asia Institute Featured Publication Purchase the book from Georgetown University Press Edited byAssociate ProfessorBruce Gilley and Professor Andrew O’Neil...

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18 April 2013

North Korea’s changing nuclear posture

Prof. Andrew O’Neil looks at three possible scenarios for Kim Jong-un to use nuclear weapons in his latest article published...

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26 October 2022

Explaining Australia’s energy prices and government intervention

Professor Joel Gilmour explains the primary drivers of wholesale energy prices: building new generation, supply and demand, and the cost of existing generation have combined to increase household energy prices to unprecedented levels. How can the Albanese government intervene?

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26 June 2022

Australia’s role in a world on edge with Dr Michael Fullilove AM

The July instalment of A Better Future for All turned its attention to global affairs with this In Conversation with Dr Michael Fullilove AM.

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1 March 2022
Decarbonise Russia

Will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine push Europe towards energy independence and faster decarbonisation?

In 1973, the world’s post-war boom hit the rocks. Oil producers restricted supply, sending prices soaring. In the aftermath of...

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16 November 2015
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