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16 February 2017
Fulbright scholar Michelle Rourke is looking forward to continuing her virus research in the US.

Fulbright scholar to advance virus research

Griffith Law School PhD candidate Michelle Rourke has been awarded a 2017 Fulbright Scholarship to further her research on the commodification of viruses.

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28 August 2023
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25 August 2020

WHO Decides? The “Fair and Equitable” Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines

A vaccine is key to the COVID-19 global response strategy. However, it is not yet clear how any COVID-19 vaccine...

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5 May 2020
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13 March 2020
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11 October 2019

When Sharing Your Virus is a Good Thing: The Flawed International Agreement Governing Influenza Virus Access and Benefit-Sharing

By Michelle Rourke Griffith Law School Return readers of the LFC blog will already be aware that the international legal...

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22 March 2019

First Chance to Protect Most of the World’s Oceans

By Dr Fran Humphries Senior Research Fellow The United Nations (UN) has a golden opportunity to protect 64% of the...

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10 September 2019
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