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14 March 2023
Fast food

C.S.I. My Plate!

Poor diet has been shown to be one of the largest risks to health. But when it comes to changing eating patterns – are we too focussed on an individual M.O. (method of operation) and not enough on the M.M.O. (means, motive and opportunity) to eat well? asks Dr Julia Cairns.

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1 September 2021
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18 October 2018

Researchers champion better behaviours at Change 2018

The two-day conference will highlight a range of research aimed at engaging people and organisations to deliver change for the better.

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9 April 2018
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2 July 2014

Strides in social marketing to be showcased

Quitting smoking, healthy school lunchboxes and human trafficking are just three of the issues that Griffith researchers will address at...

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