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8 May 2018

Budget 2018 has unprecedented chance to address social disadvantage

History will see this era as revolutionary in awareness, but will it be disappointed by action?

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12 July 2019
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12 February 2018
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26 February 2016
Participants in the Kungullanji Indigenous Summer Research Symposium - Jordyn Godfrey, Estin Hunter, Leah Henderson, Breanna Johnston, Trishiko King, Penelope Henain, Eden Little, Jamie Penny, Summer Coffison, Dhayne thomas, and Julia-Rose Satre.

Indigenous students’ research projects making a difference

Curing chronic neck pain through virtual reality perception; exploring the link between urban Aboriginal male identity and health and evaluating...

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4 March 2015
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19 April 2023

Bushfire fighting chemicals extinguish frog development

A new Griffith study has found that bushfire fighting chemicals commonly marketed as environmentally friendly can severely affect frog development

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13 December 2022
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14 September 2022

Minjerribah’s changing wetlands

Blending science and indigenous knowledge to improve understanding of Minjerribah's wetland conditions and provide a means for their ongoing monitoring.

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20 July 2022
Charcuterie Board

Is this the end of the deli?

Processed meats are often publicised to be as bad as smoking? You are not doing the same harm as a cigarette when you reach for a charcuterie board, but it is definitely far from harmless.

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19 July 2022

How did climate change impact early humans?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. It’s also one of the most complex, and scientists are still learning new things about it all the time. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear, however, is that climate change impacts humans and the way we live. This is true today, as it was in the past. However, a key question remains. How did climate change impact early humans?

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