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23 March 2015
Watch this space_Griffith-Digital-Video-Wall

Griffith Gold Coast Gets Digital Wall

The Gold Coast campus will boast its first outdoor LED video wall following construction on the project this month.

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6 October 2023
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5 September 2014
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29 September 2021
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17 July 2024

iKnow weKnow empowers Indigenous communities for a sustainable future 

Collaborative research co-designs water and energy management solutions with communities.  

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24 August 2023
The dated rock art

Malaysian rock art found to depict elite-Indigenous conflict

A team of researchers led by the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research in collaboration with The Sarawak Museum Department have become the first to date drawings in Gua Sireh Cave in Sarawak, uncovering a sad story of conflict in the process.

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26 May 2023

LiveArt brightens up the daily commute

Auchenflower train station has been brought to life thanks to Queensland College of Art. Adding to a growing list of...

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22 February 2023
Currency and Exchange

The risks and returns of cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to grow and attract more interest across the globe. It is becoming progressively intertwined with traditional financial markets, evidenced by a steady increase in the number of managed funds holding cryptocurrency assets on their balance sheets. FinTech expert Will Banks looks at the risks and returns.

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21 February 2023

Chatting about ChatGPT

In November 2022, the release of ChatGPT, a free-to-use chatbot based on GPT-3, brought powerful language models to the public. The educational sector faced a dilemma as the bot's ability to assist in writing essays and passing exams sparked debates on whether to embrace or ban its use.

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14 July 2022

In pursuit of the truth with Leigh Sales AM

Kerry O’Brien in conversation with one of Australia’s most well-respected journalists Leigh Sales AM. With 27 years at the helm of the ABC’s 7:30 between them, the pair discusses life at the pinnacle of daily television affairs.

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