Cities Research Institute

Research dives deep to understand climate impacts on whales

A world-first research project aims to understand how ocean changes influence the recovery of whale populations in the southern hemisphere.

Climate adaptation scientist wins Young Tall Poppy Award

Griffith University climate change adaptation scientist Dr Johanna Nalau has been recognised at the prestigious 2020 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.
Australian Rivers Institute

Gold Coast Bay Hope Spot embraces the harmony between city and sea

Gold Coast Bay is this week being declared a Mission Blue Hope Spot becoming part of a worldwide network that raises public awareness of marine protected areas.
Centre for Environment and Population Health

Experts say climate action is needed to sustain healthcare

A panel of international experts brought together by Griffith University has warned there will be dire health consequences if action is not taken against climate change.
Environmental Futures Research Institute

Disclosure of climate-related financial risks not enough to drive action

A new Griffith University study cautions over-reliance on a financial disclosure framework for driving climate action.
Griffith Beacons

Griffith University to tackle climate change in new program

Griffith University has launched a new initiative to tackle one of the world’s most pressing problems.