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11 August 2016
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9 June 2021

What kids can teach us about workplace relations

You don't need to be a STEM entertainer to experience the value of children’s emotion. You just need to watch how they view the world and remember you used to see the same things they do. Practising these emotions may lead to a surprising new currency in the workplace.

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13 August 2019
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2 November 2018
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2 August 2016
Professor Peter Jordan

When a happy workplace doesn’t work

What would you rather have in your workplace: a happy environment where co-workers celebrate their birthdays with a singalong over a supermarket sponge cake, or simply fewer frustrations?

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11 May 2016
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2 December 2015

“It’s like dealing with four year olds”: Age labels in a pro rugby league workplace

What happens when you infantilise the workers in a hyper-masculine workplace like a professional British rugby league club? Loughborough University’s...

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13 November 2013
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3 June 2013
Libby Sander

The workplace: a space to create

Libby Sander undertook her candidature milestone confirmation on Monday 22 April. A Higher Degree Research (HDR) student affiliated with the...

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24 May 2012

Workplace mood under study spotlight

A new investigation into the treatment of depression is underway at the Griffith Health Institute, with a focus on depression...

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