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14 February 2019

Research finds majority of young workers face exploitation and harassment in their first job

The Griffith University study shows young workers may not understand workplace agreements and laws, and be more frightened to report incorrect pay or incidents.

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9 March 2016

Workplace leaders: lose gender, target behaviour

How does a job become gendered? And what are the fundamental differences created by workers, organisations, governments and various other...

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19 May 2015
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6 May 2015

Time poor workers less likely to act on climate change concerns

Companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint should look at ways to ease the stress and workload of employees, a...

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23 April 2015
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27 September 2006

Study documents arts workers’ health woes

The stereotype of the struggling artist living in a garret may not be too far off the mark according to...

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19 January 2015

Five minutes with…Wayne O’Donohue

Putting the ‘wellbeing’ into W.O.W, Dr Wayne O’Donohue uses a psychological lens to examine the employer-employee relationship and to understand...

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22 November 2023

Everyday sexism, gender discrimination and sexual harassment in Australian university systems​

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination plague Australian universities, with a rise in incidents over the past 5 years. Women, mostly affected, face everyday sexism, impacting careers and mental health. Despite efforts, reporting remains low. Griffith University's Gender Equality Research Network (GERN) research highlights these issues, advocating for broad, education-driven solutions, urging universities to commit to change and address these systemic problems head-on.

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14 March 2023
Fast food

C.S.I. My Plate!

Poor diet has been shown to be one of the largest risks to health. But when it comes to changing eating patterns – are we too focussed on an individual M.O. (method of operation) and not enough on the M.M.O. (means, motive and opportunity) to eat well? asks Dr Julia Cairns.

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20 December 2022

Regenerative literacy can help build sustainable tourism

When you think about good tourism experience, it’s the things that you have done and the emotions that you felt while doing them that generally come to mind. Tourism also connects us,as tourists and as hosts, to place. How can we rebuild biodiversity as tourists and tourism operators?

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