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29 April 2016
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11 November 2021

Most deserving whistleblowers get no protection new research shows

More than half of all public interest whistleblowers who experience serious repercussions for reporting wrongdoing receive no recourse.

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6 April 2020
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13 August 2019
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7 August 2019

World’s largest whistleblowing project throws weight behind reforms

Less than 1% of whistleblowers end up going to the media, and only after trying internal or regulatory channels first according to a new report released today.

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3 December 2018

New corporate whistleblower protections worth the scramble

The government’s amendments to overhaul protections for corporate employees could not come at a better time, writes Professor A J Brown.

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16 November 2018

New whistleblowing figures confirm need for legislative action

Results were revealed today at a Griffith University symposium in Sydney.

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5 May 2017

World-first research highlights whistleblowing processes

A world-first ranking of the strength of whistleblowing processes across Australia’s business and government sectors has been released. The results...

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23 February 2017
Professor AJ Brown with Senator Nick Xenophon

Griffith research project team makes submission to whistleblower protection inquiry

Australia’s largest whistleblowing research project has given evidence to the first hearings of the Joint Parliamentary Committee inquiry into whistleblower protections in the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors.

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19 June 2014
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