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22 November 2021
The Birdsnest

Olympic Sized Problems

Hosting a major or even mega-sporting event like the Olympic and Paralympic Games is regarded by many as a great honour for the host city. But it presents some major challenges as well: How does Brisbane integrate infrastructure, create precincts while limiting legacy impacts.

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31 August 2020

Planning expert says CBD downsizing will have major implications for cities

Dr Tony Matthews says there is building evidence of a mass exodus from commercial office space in the Brisbane CBD and it will have major implications for all cities in a variety of ways.

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15 April 2016
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9 April 2024

Art and Ethos – Taring Padi

Culturally enriched mediums Taring Padi’s work reimagines facets of their Indonesian culture, deconstructing Indonesian shadow puppet traditions (wayang) and recreating...

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22 November 2023

Everyday sexism, gender discrimination and sexual harassment in Australian university systems​

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination plague Australian universities, with a rise in incidents over the past 5 years. Women, mostly affected, face everyday sexism, impacting careers and mental health. Despite efforts, reporting remains low. Griffith University's Gender Equality Research Network (GERN) research highlights these issues, advocating for broad, education-driven solutions, urging universities to commit to change and address these systemic problems head-on.

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5 June 2023

A just world on a safe planet: quantifying Earth System Boundaries

Griffith researchers collaborated on new study that shows humans are taking colossal risks with the future of civilization and everything that lives on Earth.

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3 May 2022
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1 February 2022

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

The world is becoming increasingly urbanised, and the population is constantly growing. Today, more than half of us live in cities, placing them at the forefront of some of our biggest challenges — from public health to climate change.  

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3 March 2021
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22 December 2020

New definition of sustainability reflects the interdependence of all life

An international collaboration reveals a new definition of sustainability that expands the concept to non-human species and their needs.

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