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7 July 2021
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25 September 2019

Oxford appointment for vocational education expert

Honorary Oxford Fellowship offers international collaboration on vocational education.

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1 December 2017
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15 September 2015

Overcoming challenge to be university high flyer

A tour of top universities including Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and Harvard and Stanford in the US, are...

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28 August 2012

Perkins scholarship takes Krystal to Oxford

Krystal Lockwood starts her studies at the renowned Oxford University next month after receiving a full scholarship. A Griffith University...

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9 May 2011

Griffith University to visit Africa in May of 2011

Mr. Anthony Bradley, the Regional Manager for Africa for Griffith International will be visiting South Africa, Ghana and Kenya over...

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22 November 2017
Smiling Science graduate Emma Dale, holding a red panda.

Emma Dale: On the trail of the Red Panda

Griffith University alumnus Emma Dale knows a thing or two about the wild animals wolves, marmots, wild horses, red pandas and bears. Her work has seen here awarded was awarded the prestigious John Monash scholarship to attend the University of Oxford where she will study the behavioural ecology of carnivores with a focus on conservation and preservation.

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30 January 2024

What do Aussie companies promise stakeholders?

Shining a spotlight on the cultural values of the top 100 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) companies, a Griffith University report examines how Australian companies say they intend to behave.

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19 January 2024

Shiyu discovery reveals Eastern Asia’s early human migrations

In a thought-provoking discovery, an international team of researchers have unearthed evidence shedding light on the ancient migration of Homo sapiens into eastern Asia around 45,000 years ago. 

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19 July 2022
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