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20 December 2022

Regenerative literacy can help build sustainable tourism

When you think about good tourism experience, it’s the things that you have done and the emotions that you felt while doing them that generally come to mind. Tourism also connects us,as tourists and as hosts, to place. How can we rebuild biodiversity as tourists and tourism operators?

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1 February 2022

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

The world is becoming increasingly urbanised, and the population is constantly growing. Today, more than half of us live in cities, placing them at the forefront of some of our biggest challenges — from public health to climate change.  

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28 April 2020

Creating a sustainable future for all

As extreme weather, rising sea levels and shifting landscapes reinforce the realities of living with a changing climate, a team of Griffith scientists are working on the frontline to reduce the global impact.

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20 February 2018
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1 August 2017

Engineering students get global perspectives for sustainable infrastructure

Human survival depends on safe, secure and sustainable access to important resources such as food, fresh water and energy. However,...

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6 June 2017
Miwa Nakai Griffith University

Alumnus’ work in Japan to impact sustainable future

Dr Miwa Nakai talks about her time at Griffith, postgraduate study and her groundbreaking research at the University of Tokyo.

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14 June 2023

Summit unites renowned global scientists on GC

Event hosts global marine and environmental scientists to present latest scientific findings and foster future research collaborations.

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6 September 2019
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31 October 2018

Experts to open new doors at 2018 Affordable Housing Symposium

Industry and academia will focus on delivering and managing a Build-to-Rent market within a whole-of-life approach.

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9 October 2017

Symposium seeks solutions to increasing ‘housing stress’

More than 70 leading experts tackled one of the country's biggest problems at the 2017 Australian Social and Affordable Housing Symposium.

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