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9 May 2023

EveryGen program calls for a Future Generations Act in Australia

Sophie Howe, the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, recently completed a successful two-week visit to Australia to promote the...

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4 April 2023
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24 February 2023

Earth’s poorest pay highest price for human-wildlife conflict

Research finds individuals farming with cattle in developing countries up to 8 times more vulnerable than those in developed economies.

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15 November 2022

Griffith University and Queensland Thunder team up to make a splash

The Queensland Thunder water polo team is set to make a splash ahead of the 2023 season, sporting a dash...

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20 July 2021

Philosopher takes the road less travelled

From construction worker and kitchenhand to pinball machine repairman and theatre director, Dr Hugh Breakey hasn’t followed a typical route to academia.

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12 May 2020

Law, Lawyers and Justice: Through Australian Lenses published by Routledge

Law is different in Australia. The origins of the Australian state in a military-run British prison camp.thelegal fictions of terra...

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21 September 2018
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15 November 2017

Exploring the Regulatory Dimensions of Animal Protection

By Dr Steven White Leading national and international researchers, teachers and practitioners in animal law examined a range of vital...

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