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29 June 2018

Variable malaria-causing parasite behaviour puts findings in the spotlight

Can slight variations in lab environments affect the malaria-causing parasite (Plasmodium) and its tolerance to anti-malarial drugs? Griffith University’s Sandra Duffy believes it’s possible.

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16 August 2017

Griffith researchers make inroads into fighting malaria

Griffith University scientists have helped discover new compounds which could help block the transmission of the deadly disease malaria. A team of Griffith researchers has found a novel class of compounds, the hexahydro quinoline (HHQ), with potent activity against the parasite stages responsible for the clinical symptoms of malaria and its transmission to mosquitoes.

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31 July 2015
Professor Vicky Avery, from the Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery

New malaria treatment thwarts parasite resistance

Scientistsfrom Griffith Universityhave contributed to a breakthrough identifying and characterising a potent agent that thwarts drug resistance in the parasite...

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9 May 2008

Holy Grail of anti-malarial treatments

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) estimates billions of people, especially children and pregnant women, are at risk of malaria in...

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