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7 November 2023

Better Business Dinner guests asked to think differently and change the way they see their world

Griffith Business School celebrated industry partners, alumni and the wider business community at their Better Business Dinner on Friday, 3...

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23 May 2023

Why was Brisbane’s 2022 flood different?

11 years on from the devastating 2011 flood, why was the Brisbane 2022 flood different? Why did it inundate areas untouched since 1974?

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5 January 2023
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25 October 2022

Between different worlds

Antarctica is both a physical locality and an imaginary possibility – as a pivot around which the world turns, it has proven historically to be a space where human ideas of exploration, investigation and fantasy have played out.

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6 September 2022

Cyberbullying: How can parents identify and intervene?

Cyberbullying can be confusing and distressing for young people, but it is not often the case that youth actively hide bullying from those who care about them. Dr Jaimee Stewart identifies how parents can identify and intervene in cyberbullying.

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12 August 2022

Reminder for parents to keep a close watch on boys’ internet usage

Teenage boys are just as likely to be victims of cyberbullying as teenage girls, prompting a timely reminder for parents to be on top of internet usage and access.

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24 February 2022

Exercise trial aims to help women with recurrent ovarian cancer

Griffith University researchers are conducting a world-leading trial assessing the role of exercise as therapy for women with recurrent ovarian cancer

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12 October 2021

The state of storytelling with David Malouf, Melissa Lucashenko and Trent Dalton

This conversation sees Kerry O'Brien speak with acclaimed authors David Malouf, Melissa Lucashenko and Trent Dalton about Australia’s evolving storytelling culture.

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24 February 2021

Green rental housing policy saves money and the environment

A shift towards green building standards will unlock environmental, economic and social benefits in the affordable rental housing sector new Griffith University research has found.

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26 November 2020

First-time fathers study explores challenges of parenthood

Initial results from a Griffith Universitystudy on first-time fathers suggest dads have unique needs and researchers want to know more.

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