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29 September 2017
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9 May 2024
EV Production Line on Advanced Automated Smart Factory. High Performance Electric Car Manufacturing. Car Batteries Installation on Electric Vehicles on Assembly line. Automotive Plant.

China’s ‘new three’ exports dominate the 2023 global green transition

A new report provides insight on how China's global green trade exports are dominating in the global system.

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28 April 2024

Rising costs can encourage a better kind of tourism

The rising costs of living and airfares point to long-haul travel being affordable for fewer people. It also might re-shape the way we think about tourism.

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14 March 2024
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20 February 2024

Revolutionary artificial heart a lifeline for heart failure patients

Transdisciplinary consortium to develop and commercialise revolutionary and life-changing implantable cardiac devices.

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31 January 2024

Assessing impacts of drought, water extraction on groundwater from space

ARC project to identify groundwater availability and risks associated with groundwater extraction.

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9 January 2024

Projections reveal the vulnerability of freshwater to climate change

Climate and land use changes are causing significant alterations in global terrestrial water storage, impacting extreme weather events like floods and droughts, a Griffith-led study has found.

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21 December 2023
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14 December 2023

Chinese Statecraft in a Changing World

Last Thursday evening marked the final public event of the year for Griffith Asia Institute as it played host to...

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11 December 2023
Travelers with luggage using smart phones while waiting in line for boarding at airport. Focus on wheeled luggage.

World tourism receives first climate change stocktake

The Tourism and Climate Change Stocktake 2023 is the first report of its kind to assess the state of tourism worldwide.

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