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13 November 2023

Traditional owners take the lead safeguarding fresh & marine waterways

A collaboration between Griffith University and the Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation is training groups of Traditional owners to take the lead monitoring and safeguarding fresh & marine waterways in the Gulf of Carpentaria

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31 October 2022
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15 April 2016
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21 August 2023

Is flood pollution causing turtle strandings? Griffith researchers look for answers in cell response

Researchers at the Australian Rivers Institute are investigating the role chemical pollution had in green turtle strandings on the Fraser Coast following flooding in early 2022.

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4 April 2023
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29 March 2023

Navigating Artificial Intelligence with Toby Walsh

In this instalment of Griffith University’s Better Future for All series, journalist Kerry O’Brien explores the future and impact of AI with leading global thinker Professor Toby Walsh.

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22 March 2023

Sedimentation sifted out of pollution priorities

Sediment runoff from land use change is missing from global priorities, despite being one of the greatest threats facing freshwater and marine ecosystems

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15 February 2023
Toby Walsh

From the heart with Rachel Perkins

Acclaimed filmmaker and producer Rachel Perkins is best known for her work promoting and showcasing Indigenous stories and culture through film and television. But, born into a culture of Indigenous activism, her reach and impact extend well beyond the screen.

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4 December 2020

4000 chemicals found in Great Barrier Reef turtles raises concerns of contamination hotspot

Toxic chemicals are accumulating in Great Barrier Reef turtles and fish species popular with consumers, according to a new report by Griffith University and the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia.

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