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27 May 2021
Alan Joyce AC

In Conversation with Alan Joyce AC

Travelling into the future The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many sectors to the brink, and none more so than the...

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3 March 2020
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2 September 2016

Olympic Games cannot outplay Human Rights

What human rights obligations are at risk when international sporting bodies put on their premiere events?

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1 September 2012

Kahil joins global voice on climate

Honors College Law/Arts student Kahil Lloyd is heading to Qatar for a United Nations conference on climate change

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10 April 2012

Great Student Expectations for International Ambassadors!

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Mr Graham Quirk recently appointed 28 students representing 23 different countries as Brisbane’s 2012 International...

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25 October 2007

Wrong side of the digital divide

As the western world moves into an information age experts from around the world are getting together to develop strategies...

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18 May 2006

Griffith scholars promote understanding of Islam

Griffith University’s Islamic Research Unit (GIRU) is on the way to becoming the nation’s leading unit for Islamic research with...

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