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11 November 2014
Summer in Zhangjiajie: A cluster of vertical rock pillars in one of China's most heavily visited parks

Griffith research informs major Chinese parks study

The School of Environment's Professor Ralf Buckley and Ms Cassie Wardle have been instrumental in the release of what may be the world's largest study of environmental and visitor management in any nation's parks system

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2 June 2014
Professor Ralf Buckley, International Chair in Ecotourism Research, receives an award as Senior International Scientist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Internationalisation of China’s Research

For the past 7 years Professor Ralf Buckley has been involved in joint research projects with The Chinese Academy of Science, and he says more researchers should consider publishing in Chinese journals.

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23 January 2013
Elabana Falls in Lamington National Park, part of Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area.

Parks Bill wrong on all counts

Professor Ralf Buckley says proposed changes to legislation could allow large-scale private development inside Queensland's National Parks.

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14 September 2012

Tourism and National Parks

The world's national parks need tourism to survive, but it must be managed, writes Professor Ralf Buckley, director of the International Centre for Ecotourism Research

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21 November 2023
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31 August 2022
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13 November 2019
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29 November 2016

“Aww”: the new cute emotion

A cuddly animal, an adorable baby or an endearing gesture from a partner — whatever the cute level, it is...

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28 October 2016
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19 February 2016
Griffith researchers, from left, Dr Guy Castley, Dr Clare Morrison and Professor Ralf Buckley

Can ecotourism save threatened species?

Ecotourism can provide the critical difference between survival and extinction for endangered animals, according to new research from Australia's Griffith University

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