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19 September 2019

An ecological island in suburbia: Toohey Forest crucial to Brisbane biodiversity

“It’s a completely suitable place for koalas to live. There’s no reason why they won’t stay here for a long time," says Professor Darryl Jones.

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3 August 2023
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6 November 2020

Tracking avian predators’ return to the wild

Griffith University has joined forces with the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation (CWHF) to track the movements of coastal birds of prey after rehabilitation.

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11 June 2020

Rediscovering backyard wildlife during COVID-19

Being at home for prolonged periods during the COVID-19 pandemic has given many people the time to appreciate wildlife in their own backyards.

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23 January 2020

What to feed injured native wildlife, in the wake of natural disasters

As the country continues to endure natural disasters, Griffith expert reminds us how best to care for some of our injured wildlife.

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28 March 2018

When feathered visitors fly in — it’s OK to give them a feed

Australia's leading expert on birds says it's OK to feed wild birds - if done correctly - at home, challenging a widely held attitude that feeding birds is all bad.

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11 December 2017
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7 November 2016

Helping Koalas survive urban sprawl

Environmental science in one of the foundation research disciplines at Griffith University. This grounding allows a depth and continuity of...

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26 July 2016
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18 January 2021
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