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18 May 2023
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23 February 2023
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26 October 2018

Artist as Witness: Painting a Criminal Trial

By Dr Karen Crawley Griffith Law School The latest series of paintings by Australian contemporary artist Julie Fragar, currently exhibiting...

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7 February 2017

Griffith graduate painting the town red

Queensland College of Art graduate Anna Vu is lighting up the city with her latest work - a series of vibrant drawings projected onto Brisbane's William Jolly Bridge. The works are part of the Brisbane City Council's BrisAsia festival, which celebrates traditional and contemporary Asian art and culture.

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8 July 2016
Intergenerational (Fraga/Fragar), 2016, oil on board, 92 x 72cm

Tracing memory, history and fractured reality through painting

A distant, historic relative was the muse for Queensland College of Art (QCA) Fine Art Lecturer and Painter Julie Fragar, in her latest exhibition 'Grey Paintings'.

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27 May 2024

People who care for loved ones with arthritis carry an economic burden

Informal carers looking after a loved one with arthritis are financially worse off than non-carers to the sum of $388 million, Griffith University research has discovered.

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18 April 2024
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5 April 2024

What I learned from Taring Padi

Taring Padi is an artistic collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The group is prominent for their portrayal of the people’s...

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15 March 2024

Taring Padi x CAIA Puppet Making Workshop

Recently, several Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art (CAIA) students from Queensland College of Art and Design (QCAD) participated in a cardboard...

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5 October 2023

Grinding tools play key role in food, plant and pigment processing during ‘Green Arabia’

Use-wear analysis of grinding tools sheds new light on the subsistence and lifestyle of ancient peoples in region.  

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