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20 July 2021
Feature image shows a typical rides share to compliment the story.

Rideshares and cashless payments impact older Queenslanders

Limited options means older Queenslanders are increasingly isolated or resort to risky behaviours.

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24 October 2016

Suicide factors studied for older Queenslanders

As men grow older the prevalence of suicide becomes more frequent while women in the same age range show no increase, new research from Griffith University has found.

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4 June 2024
Cruel Summer

Hot weather increases risk of emergency hospitalisations for patients with multimorbidity

Australians are no strangers to long, hot summers, but new Griffith University research has looked at the impact of hot...

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29 January 2024

Likelihood of more ambulance callouts as heatwave conditions continue

As Australia swelters through a long, hot summer, the effects of heatwaves and the likelihood of ambulance callouts is at the heart of new Griffith University research.

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27 March 2022
Clive Palmer

Why ‘freedom’ is not the only thing worth fighting for

With just two months to go before a federal election is due, we are being bombarded by broadcast ads and yellow billboards around Australia. Funded by Clive Palmer and endorsing his United Australia Party (UAP), they carry a simple message: FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM. But 'freedom' is not the only thing worth fighting for

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10 June 2024

Leading disability advocate honoured in King’s Birthday List

Leading Griffith University disability researcher and advocate, Professor Elizabeth Kendall, has been honoured with a Member of the Order of...

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6 December 2023
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9 June 2021
Cotter Dam

Can Australia be drought-proofed?

Water is critical to life and jobs, and large infrastructure projects tend to sway voters at the polling booth. Paired together, it’s easy to understand why the New Bradfield Scheme remains an issue for Queensland and Australia.

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4 June 2021
Premier?Annastacia Palaszczuk

In Conversation with The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has a unique opportunity to lead Queensland through the state’s first four-year fixed term with an increased majority after the...

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3 June 2021
After the Pandemic

In Conversation with Professor Nigel McMillan, Dr Rebecca Huntley and Mik Auckland

After the Pandemic: Imagining the Future Our response to coronavirus will shape Australia for decades to come. It has been...

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