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16 December 2015
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20 December 2011

School results need not be a time of stress

Thousands of school-leavers who miss out on their first-choice university course should not panic, according to a leading education advisor....

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20 March 2023
Four-day work week

Assessing the 4-day work week

A recent UK trial of a four-day work week produced largely positive results, with over 90% of the organisations involved planning to continue the experiment. Some organisations found the experiment difficult to achieve with staff shortages already intensifying workloads for many employees, making it difficult for to increase work intensification even further. Decent, respectable work should focus on work-life balance, reducing workloads, and providing sufficient resources while engaging workers in direct discussions about their working preferences says Professor Paula Brough.

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23 April 2020

Tips on how to cope in close quarters

Griffith expert in organisational psychology offers ways to cope as coronavirus forces people to juggle working from home with family life pressures in an anxious time.

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28 March 2017
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19 May 2016
Adrian Wilkinson

The future of management – how managers are managed?

Little research exists about how managers themselves are managed despite significant and ongoing changein the context of their work in...

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25 March 2015

Five minutes with…Paula Brough

For over 20 years, Professor Paula Brough’s research has focussed on evaluating and enhancing the psychological health of workers. She...

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15 February 2012

Breakthrough report on ambulance ramping

The underlying causes and knock-on effects of ambulance ramping at Queensland hospitals are explored and analysed in a ground-breaking report...

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8 December 2023
Cruel Summer

A cruel summer

Summer 2023-24 is marked by a return to El Niño and has prompted concerns that rising temperatures, worsened by climate change, will threaten health, productivity, and safety. Griffith University’s Dr Aaron Bach suggests some strategies from workplace adjustments to home cooling tips aimed at beating the heat.

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12 February 2020

NHMRC-EU project to improve mental health and reduce suicide risk

A Griffith University NHMRC-EU project aims to improve mental health and reduce the risk of suicide in the construction, health and ICT sectors.

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