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27 March 2015

Improving nutritional advice for patients

The role of nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle is well understood by the medical profession but whether this information is easily conveyed to patients is another matter.

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5 October 2021

Nutrition in primary care yields health and economic benefits

Personalised nutrition advice from primary healthcare providers is better than usual care at improving a person’s health and costs little more.

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11 November 2020

Future doctors need more nutrition education

Medical students need more support to increase their nutrition knowledge and skills before they graduate a Griffith University study has found.

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27 April 2020
A bowl of salad

Personalised nutrition smart patch to be developed in Australia

A wearable smart patch will deliver precision data to help people personalise their diets and reduce their risk of developing lifestyle-related chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

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21 November 2019

$1.5m grant to improve integration of diet advice in health system

The grant follows a previous five-year grant Dr Ball received from the same organisation, the first time a dietitian had received funding in its history.

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19 April 2016

Helping GPs with nutrition education to overcome chronic illness

Helping GPs with nutrition education to overcome chronic illness With a recent report released from the World Health Organisation on the almost four-fold increase in diabetes, Griffith University is stepping in with the launch of a program to help GPs provide effective nutrition advice to their patients.

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15 April 2015

Tackling nutrition with personal trainers

The importance of nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle is recognised by most personal trainers, however concerns have been raised about their competence to provide individualised nutrition advice, says PhD student Katelyn Barnes.

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13 April 2015

The GP diet: the missing ingredient in better health for everyone

Research shows that general practitioners are highly trusted as providers of nutrition advice, writes Dr Lauren Ball from the Menzies Health Institute Queensland.

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14 March 2016

Performance pressures on personal trainers

Australia’s fitness industry is booming but is too much pressure being heaped on personal trainers who are expected to know everything about nutrition?

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8 December 2023
Cruel Summer

A cruel summer

Summer 2023-24 is marked by a return to El Niño and has prompted concerns that rising temperatures, worsened by climate change, will threaten health, productivity, and safety. Griffith University’s Dr Aaron Bach suggests some strategies from workplace adjustments to home cooling tips aimed at beating the heat.

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