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30 July 2018

‘My Green Butler’ aims to change tourist behaviour to help the environment

The service innovation helps hosts change guests’ behaviour to conserve resources and have a better stay experience.

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4 January 2019
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26 September 2018
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31 May 2022
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Governor General David Hurley

The first 100 days of the Albanese government

Unlike changes of leader, changes of government are comparatively rare at the Federal level. We can learn a great deal from the early decisions of a new government – what it changes and what it keeps; what lessons it has drawn from prior experience and from its opponents.

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5 April 2022

The polls look grim for the Coalition. Will Queensland buck the trend again?

Awaiting the official start of the 2022 campaign, published polls show Labor is comfortably ahead of the government. Pundits agree this year’s election is Albanese’s to lose, but predictions range along a spectrum from a Labor landslide to a narrow win, to a finely balanced hung parliament.

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19 October 2018

Neoliberal authoritarianism and the politics of debt

By Dr Chris Butler Griffith Law School This post draws on a research article ‘State power, the politics of debt...

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12 September 2018
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