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28 May 2012

Multi-Faith Centre celebrates 10 years

The Multi-Faith Centre at Griffith University’s Nathan campus will celebrate its 10-year anniversary with a week-long series of events this...

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20 May 2020

Faith communities fight coronavirus on multiple fronts

New Griffith University report shows faith communities hold the line but many need more resources.

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20 August 2016

Reporting Islam Project wins Qld Multicultural Award

Griffith University has won a 2016 Queensland Multicultural Award for its ground-breaking Reporting Islam Project.

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19 August 2016

Business student named Qld Multicultural Awards winner

Naseema Mustapha has ambitious plans for her degree in International Tourism and Hotel Management.

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7 June 2016

Transferring lessons in multiculturalism

Multiculturalism, religious tolerance and inclusion in Islamic education were the themes of a symposium held at Griffith University that brought together a group of educationalists from Indonesia with speakers from institutes involved in promoting multiculturalism in Australia.

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16 November 2014

G20 Interfaith Summit under way on Gold Coast

The link between religious freedom and economic growth is being explored at a three-day Interfaith Summit hosted by Griffith University in the immediate wake of the G20 Leaders Summit

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2 September 2014
Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, will be among the speakers at the G20 Interfaith Summit.

G20 Interfaith Summit to be held on Gold Coast

How protecting religious freedom could boost the economy will be an unusual but central theme of a three-day conference to...

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21 March 2024

Crowds guaranteed to cackle as acting students dazzle in debut production

Griffith's Bachelor of Acting students debut show to glowing reviews from the prolific Australian playwright.

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15 February 2023
Toby Walsh

From the heart with Rachel Perkins

Acclaimed filmmaker and producer Rachel Perkins is best known for her work promoting and showcasing Indigenous stories and culture through film and television. But, born into a culture of Indigenous activism, her reach and impact extend well beyond the screen.

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9 August 2022

Teeth hold valuable clues for understanding ancient climates and evolutionary processes

Increasing climate variability has been implicated as a driving force for the origins of our species (Homo sapiens) over 300,000 years ago,...

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