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1 October 2019

‘Morning after’ misleading Schoolies on emergency contraception

Re-think on outdated ‘morning after’ terminology urged after study finds more than 25% of Schoolies believed emergency contraception pill was harmful.

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24 February 2020

Learning on the job at the Sydney Morning Herald

Photography student Isabella Porras covered everything from bushfires to climate change protests during a life-changing internship at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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24 December 2015
Henrietta Taylor will start studying at Griffith in 2016.

Double degree beckons after OP delight

Henrietta looking forward to 'best years of your life' as she prepares for Griffith in 2016.

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18 December 2015
Associate Professor Ruth McPhail will be among Griffith teaching staff offering advice on how to make the most of OP results this Saturday.

Opportunity awaits in OP aftermath

Overall Positions a springboard to future careers.

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8 November 2023
Chemist checklist

Avoid stigmatising patients who seek emergency contraception

Emergency contraception, often called the 'morning after' pill, is used by individuals to prevent unintended pregnancy. Pharmacists play a crucial role in providing this medication. The timeliness and professionalism of their services are vital, as these medications have limited effectiveness windows. However, the use of intrusive checklists to gather information has been discouraged since 2022, as it can hinder patient care and sensitivity says Griffith University's Denise Hope.

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15 February 2023
Toby Walsh

From the heart with Rachel Perkins

Acclaimed filmmaker and producer Rachel Perkins is best known for her work promoting and showcasing Indigenous stories and culture through film and television. But, born into a culture of Indigenous activism, her reach and impact extend well beyond the screen.

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9 November 2012

Obama return has Chinese flavour

The impact on Australia of US President Barack Obama's re-election is inextricably linked with China, writes Professor John Kane

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8 April 2024

GUAM x Taring Padi x Griffith University Printmakers Club Collaborative Printmaking Workshop 

On Sunday, February 26, the Griffith University Printmakers Club facilitated a collaborative printmaking workshop with members of the QCAD printmaking...

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5 April 2024
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20 December 2023

Navigating investments wisely

Explore intelligent wealth-building insights: assess risk objectively, avoid herd mentality, and overcome overconfidence in navigating investments. Success lies not just in making money but in safeguarding it—creating a resilient financial foundation for the future says Dr John Fan.

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