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14 June 2021
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28 April 2021
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8 December 2020

Humans aren’t the only species to use medicine, sparrows do too

An international study has found sparrows, like humans, use medicinal herbs to defend against parasites and improve the condition of their offspring.

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15 January 2020

Celebrating 10 years of rural medicine placements

Griffith University is celebrating 10 years of providing medical students with hands-on experience in rural communities through its partnership with Queensland Rural Medical Education.

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21 January 2019

Sunshine Coast welcomes Griffith Medicine students

Fifty first-year medical students have begun a new chapter in their lives attending the inaugural orientation to Griffith University's Doctor of Medicine (MD) programat the Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI).

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15 November 2018

Griffith engages with regional Dalby in medicine training

The new Dalby Hospital Clinical Education Centre has opened its doors to medicine studentswishing to study on rural placements within...

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9 August 2018

Griffith delivers Australia Awards Short Course to advance Paramedicine in the Maldives

The University and the Maldives Ministry of Health recently launched a DFAT-funded Australia Awards Short Course

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19 June 2018

Learning opportunities abound at Griffith University School of Medicine on the Sunshine Coast

A wealth of new student learning opportunities is on the agenda as the new Griffith University School of Medicine at the Sunshine Coast prepares to open its doors.

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4 April 2018
CAPTION: Dr Steve Duhig demonstrates the Nordbord device that measures hamstring strength, There’s evidence to suggest if an athlete is weak during this exercise then they have a higher risk of injury.

Hamstring injury symposium — exploring the science behind the medicine

Athletics, hockey, Rugby 7s and basketball are the sports at the 2018 Commonwealth Games where athletes are most likely to incur hamstring injuries.

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12 February 2018
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