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1 August 2014
From left, Australian Rivers Institute's Dr Jan Warnken, HDR student Ms Shafagh Kamal and Professor Joe Lee work with Kinect technology

Kinect connects for mangroves research

Motion sensing technology best known in computer games is vastly improving Queensland scientists’ ability to quantify habitat complexity in mangroves....

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27 July 2021
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11 March 2016

Augmented reality sandboxes a big hit with the kids at World Science Festival Brisbane

The Griffith Red Zone augmented reality sandboxes from have gone on a road trip this week to the World Science Fair in Brisbane and are proving to be even more popular than expected.

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4 June 2015
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8 March 2013

Library gets the Microsoft touch

The tech lounge is really to be used as an experience centre for 21st century learning, a place for all students to come into their own environment, on campus, and utilise the technology available here in these surroundings.

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