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13 July 2020

Michael Smith’s Experience with Young Conservatorium

The Young Conservatorium program recognizes talent at an early age and nurtures each student through to adulthood. At the Young...

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7 September 2012

Kevin Rudd sizzles at Griffith student BBQ

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was the celebrity guest at a barbecue hosted by the Griffith University Labor Club at...

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2 June 2021
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9 August 2022

Teeth hold valuable clues for understanding ancient climates and evolutionary processes

Increasing climate variability has been implicated as a driving force for the origins of our species (Homo sapiens) over 300,000 years ago,...

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17 September 2021

The opportunity to study amongst a diverse cohort of students

Why did you choose to study at Young Conservatorium? I chose to study at Young Conservatorium to expose myself to...

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7 December 2016

AEL Update PVC Message — December 2016

2016 has been yet another very busy and successful year for the Arts, Education and Law Group. We have amazing...

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